Hardcoal Chronicles 40th

1973 - 2013


Scott D. Herring’s Professional Profile covering 28 years in the transportation and natural resource industries is available online at: www.thecoalman.com ~ Please click on the highlighted words to access picture menus for the images which illustrate his career and interrelated cultural obligations. Some groupings serve as a brief visual tour of underground Anthracite mining and associated issues. Additional images depict American coal and electric production and dedicated rail transportation, as well as an array of general mining activities other than coal.

Many of the images brought to you here cannot be directly accessed outside of the mining and railroading industries due to federal safety training and gear requirements. Most importantly, please use this site to safely access images of these activities, and never venture onto any active or abandoned minesite and/or industry without permission, guidance, and accompaniment from professionals familiar with the site and hazards. Scott has been behind the lens for 40 years to provide the safe transfer of this cultural and historic information to you. Please respect his efforts and stay safe!

Since Scott has now largely retired from over a quarter-century of giving cultural and technological presentations to historical societies, civic groups, school children, and industry, visiting his interlinked websites is the best way to safely visit all of these dangerous worlds. Also, please check out the “VISITORS WELCOME!” panel listing the many wonderful Anthracite cultural venues available to the public. Their magnificent volunteers and professionals will safely and enjoyably introduce you directly into the world of Pennsylvania’s
industrial cultural heritage.


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