Hardcoal Chronicles 40th

1973 - 2013

Presenting the Panels of Pennsylvania

Forty years ago this journey had a very humble and uncertain beginning: I had a used plastic lens
insta-snappy camera that made a square picture on 126 film which was about half the size of a
35mm negative and about one-quarter the quality. To me, at that time, it was everything.

I had whatever film my parents would periodically buy for me, and had to make very hard
choices about what could be committed to it within the area I could walk or ride my bicycle
around our family hometown of Tamaqua, Pennsylvania. The pictures from that first year
weren't very good and would barely fill one of the subject panels of this presentation.

Now, the largest part of a lifetime has gone by, and it seems that I'd gladly trade any thousand
pictures of the last quarter century to go back to 1973 with one good camera and several rolls
of Kodak film. I can't go back in time, but I can take you there through the pictures. Presented
here are several dozen of the more than 300 selected topic panels photographically covered by
The HARDCOAL CHRONICLES. Each provides a brief introduction to the images representing
the issues which define us as a people. They identify the American context in which we have proudly
maintained our cultural continuity for almost 250 years: Welcome to Anthracite America —
Home of the People of the Black Diamond.

~Scott D. Herring


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