Hardcoal Chronicles 40th

1973 - 2013

(Forty Years is a Career in Anything)
A Lifetime Behind the Lens

Scott D. Herring is the Hardcoal Region's Fiduciary Photographer; Entrusted with unprecedented access to Northeastern Pennsylvania's cultural and historic Anthracite Mining Families and Companies, Railroads, and associated Industries and Agents, originating what is believed to be the largest individually produced and funded body of work of its kind ever created in the Region's long history. As of the last (every-five-years) full inventory conducted immediately after the 35th Anniversary at the end of 2008, cataloging and associated call number assignment established a then-total roster of 146,197 images of the Anthracite Empire, its people, their landscape and legacy, as well as many associated and ancillary issues and connections throughout America and in three countries, to date comprising 242 portfolios-in-progress. None of these images have ever been sold for any personal profit — instead, when offered, they are exclusively available in support of the many worthy Hardcoal cultural heritage and historic restoration efforts throughout the Coal Region and eastern Pennsylvania. Componential breakdown of The HARDCOAL CHRONICLES inventory yields approximately 40% Railroading (including coal); 30% Mining (primarily coal); 20% Associated Industries & Issues; and 10% Ancillary images. As of the 2008 end count, roughly two-thirds of all that had been documented on film had already disappeared. Forebodingly, a significant portion of that two-thirds represents the only images of the subjects known to exist.


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