Hardcoal Chronicles 40th

1973 - 2013

about the names & titles:

Governing this body of work are the Masthead: “HARDCOAL CHRONICLES” and three primary names identifying the photographer: Given name — Scott D. Herring, Cultural Title: “Starkkohlenfelder of Pennsylvania” [a formalized derivation (unique to the photographer) of his native Pennsylvania German dialect meaning ‘Hardcoal Fields of Pennsylvania’], and the moniker: “The Last Anthracite Photographer”.

The “HARDCOAL CHRONICLES” is the formal name of the body of work and has been in continuous use, along with ‘Starkkohlenfelder of Pennsylvania’ since January of 1975, 13 months after the first image was made. “The Last Anthracite Photographer” emerged as a reference to Scott in various elemental forms in the late 1970s, but was formalized by Dominic Keating, President of the Anthracite Heritage Museum and Iron Furnaces Associates, and Dan Perry of the Anthracite Museum Complex and Iron Furnaces, in the early 1990s during the lead up to “Through Cultural Eyes” — The Twentieth Anniversary Retrospective of The Hardcoal Chronicles exhibit beginning with initial lecture presentations on November 9, 1995 and later displayed continuously at the Anthracite Heritage Museum’s Hennemuth Gallery, presenting 210 images throughout four specially- constructed rooms, until January 8, 1997 when the Commonwealth insured and stored it for over a decade. During this mid-1990s period, fourteen newspaper articles and numerous websites, some from outside of Pennsylvania, made continual mention of these formal names and titles in reference to Scott’s work. Due to the loss of the Anthracite Railroads (fully one half of the cultural and industrial story), and the rapid disappearance of Hardcoal cultural landscape evidence thereafter, it is sadly impossible since 1976 for there to be another true Anthracite Photographer to follow Scott in succession.


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