Hardcoal Chronicles 40th

1973 - 2013

Orientation & Orthodoxy

For over twenty-five years, the predominant message presented by the Hardcoal Chronicles was that the pictures are the beginning of the story, hopefully sparking the imagination of the viewer into pursuit of the larger cultural issue. But often, certainly more than I ever expected, viewers were remarkably perceptive in their questions in the other direction: How did this body of work all come together? Actually, it was the inevitable outcome of the journey; and all the decisions about archival processes, inventory organization, and picture presentation were dictated by the messages from the field telling of our aggregate need as a people to preserve our regional legacy.

To that end, field choices along with archival documentation and storage considerations mandated all selections. So, instead of merely presenting the pictures here, the most important but only the final 2% of the process, some of the panels provide a glimpse into the 98% of the work and thinking that historically dominated the time and expense involved in the evolution of the Hardcoal Chronicles.

So, as forty years is a career in anything, here’s a glance into the larger hidden view of what went into it — an indication of four decades of the work, the stress, the expense — it’s all part of the process; and the making of a lifetime. Hopefully some of the panel topic selections will help you see farther than the pictures. After all, the gift is the journey-one often defined by the unexpected station stops.

~Scott Herring


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