Hardcoal Chronicles 40th

1973 - 2013

Metamorphic Geology
The Underlying Meaning of our Name as a People

Anthracite, the Black Diamond, is metamorphic geology: Sedimentary Bituminous Coal layers were changed by the intense heat and pressure resulting from the folding of the mountains in what would become Northeastern Pennsylvania, yielding the world's finest coal, and ultimately we who bear its name. The surface evidence of this process is most clearly seen in the many parallel ridges and valleys of the southern half of the Coal Region. Beneath them, our coal seams hump up and down ( “anticlines and synclines”, respectively) steeply plunging and rising throughout our region.

Unlike most coal deposits elsewhere, where the seams are flat or gently sloping, we have the preferred option to deep mine with the aid of gravity in seams with a steep pitch. But our Deep Miners have faced every possible obstacle: Some of our seams outcrop as pitched, just to end up flattening out or pinching down to an unprofitable thickness. In some places the pattern was so complex that early surveys sometimes counted the same seam twice, resulting in a considerable over-estimate of our initial mineral wealth.

The same processes which transformed Bituminous into Anthracite also changed the adjacent Shale into Slate. Some of the world's most beautiful and durable Slate comes from our Slate Belt between the Blue Mountain (Appalachian Trail) and our industrial Lehigh Valley and Cement Belt. It is the complex and convoluted geology of Anthracite, Slate, Jackstone (Bull Conglomerate), and an array of other very tough rocks which often defies mechanization and requires Anthracite Deep Miners to drill and blast the coal free. This, coupled with the additional expense of heavy media cleaning (rock removal) at our breakers makes Anthracite so expensive to mine and prepare compared to other coals. It is this expense which stops its wide-spread use as electric generation coal even though it environmentally-friendly with very low sulfur and extremely high BTUs (heat value).


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