Hardcoal Chronicles 40th

1973 - 2013


Anthracite’s Independent Mining Families

At the turn of the last century, advancing technology began to bring about the system of consolidated breakers: Large and more efficient coal processing plants would collect trains of mine-run coal from surrounding sites into a centralized location for rock removal, sizing, and washing; and then build large trains of finished product for market.

This rendered the widespread mine-mouth facilities of the 1800s expensive and obsolete. The vast localized workforce once employed there was scaled down, and many found themselves unable to find work in this streamlined new world of the highly-mechanized coal industry — just in time for the Great Depression. Many resorted to bootleg coal operations to survive, some illegally located on mining company or state property. Eventually, these coal holes evolved into today's Anthracite independent coal mining companies — with few exceptions, the last of the Anthracite deep miners. Currently, these largely family-owned operations are the remaining essence of our regional heritage, with most of their active coal mining members representing a fifth generation tradition
(as is their photographer, both behind the lens and the shovel).


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