Hardcoal Chronicles 40th

1973 - 2013

The Coal Breakers

King Coal's Castles

In the Bituminous industry, processing plants are called ‘tipples’, but Anthracite is a hard metamorphic rock which requires much more extensive crushing and sizing — thus the term ‘breaker’. In the Nineteenth Century, breakers were usually separate from washeries (where the sized coal was cleaned); In the Twentieth Century (and all references in this presentation), the term ‘breaker’ refers to an Anthracite processing plant where both functions were consolidated. Respective turf in corporate feudalism was fully evident in the dispersion of Anthracite collieries, their breakers, and railroad service. Even as late as the 1950s, just about every Coal Region town still seemed to have at least one breaker of its own, and sometimes several. Initially, most were from large company systems, and corresponded to their dedicated railroad system. But, just as the independent miners emerged after the large colliery consolidations, so did independent breaker operators. And, just like independent mines, they were almost exclusively family owned and operated. Today, some of these are virtually as prominent in their localities as are the few big remaining breakers of the successors to the large company systems which dominated Anthracite for over 100 years. Today, there are only two original large consolidated breakers remaining, both inactive, and only several dozen family ones left.


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