Hardcoal Chronicles 40th

1973 - 2013

Anthracite Icons & American Identity

You see them all over the country, from nearby here in the Northeast, throughout the Midwest, and in
retirement communities across the Sunbelt from Florida to California: Lumps of black shiny beautiful
Anthracite Coal and other regional reminders, prominently displayed on coffee tables, atop TVs, stuck to
car and RV dashboards, in glass showcases, and adorning gardens from New England to the Pacific.

Everyone has some semblance of a family history and knows something somewhat esoteric about the
general part of the country where they live. But, sadly, very few have such a well-defined regional family
to which they belong. The children of Anthracite have that exceptional wealth. But seven decades of out-
migration since WWII now have more people who are culturally Anthracite living elsewhere in America.

This site is calling you home. Give your children the rarest of American gifts — the knowledge and
experience of their cultural home region. So, no matter where they live or go from here, they’ll always
know their family’s regional history, origin, and the unique American tradition from which they came.

Thank you — Scott D. Herring


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