Hardcoal Chronicles 40th

1973 - 2013

Cultural Continuity
The Tradition Continues into 2011

Pennsylvania Anthracite is not an industry, it is our cultural heritage — and mining is the
most-sacred practice of our people. Contrary to popular mythology and outsider stereotyping,
the several dozen families still active in Anthracite deep mining do so by choice. They
have purposely elected to forego the many options for an easier life, and instead continue
to suffer government intrusion and over-regulation in order to maintain our cultural identity
and way of life. The deadly dangerous tradition of underground Anthracite mining is part
of our make-up as a people, and another generation of our region's young men have chosen
this difficult but most-admirable profession. Some can trace their Anthracite mining ancestry
over five generations. With more than 200 years of deep mining in Northeastern Pennsylvania,
it—s now entirely numerically possible for some to be eighth or ninth generation miners
even though it may be unknown to them.

The Hardcoal Chronicles celebrates our youngest generation of Anthracite miners.
— Thank You —
You carry the banner of well over a million Americans
and make us proud to be The People of the Black Diamond.


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